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Year 5000000000 Conversion
Y5B or not Y5B, that is the question

Welcome to the Council on
Year 5000000000
Conversion home page.

If you've taken the time to look us up, you are probably interested in learning more about the Year 5000000000, or Y5B, problem. That's great news for Y2K consultants next year.

Why? Because information is crucial to the world's ability to successfully meet the challenges posed by the Y5B problem. People need to know what the problem is, how they can address it, and what governments and businesses are doing to ensure that their critical systems are ready for the new billennium.

This Y5B home page offers just that -- information. It not only has details about the Council and its activities, but provides useful links to Y5B information from virtually every area of our economy. Hydrogen depletion is a serious environmental issue that needs to be addressed.

Some people say the the Y2K bug is just a smokescreen of the real concern, the Y5B Glitch.   Others say that the Y2K Czar is trying to cover up Y5B.  You will note that we have no Czar's or Dictators at Y5B.  We just have facts...just plain old stubborn facts.

We are not out to blame anyone for this problem.  To do so would be unfair.   Could programmers have prevented this?  I think not.  Some of our visitors feel that attorneys are to blame. Just because attorneys are the root of every other conceivable problem known to man, it could possibly be unfair to blame them for the Y5B Bug as well. We will remain silent on the issue.

So look around. I'm confident the material we have gathered will help to further your understanding of the Y5B problem.

Thanks for visiting and may cold fusion be with you!

The Chair

PS No this is not a communist plot.

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