The Big Light  in the Sky Goes Dark
This Y5B problem gives me the chills...
Here comes the Sun...There goes the Sun!

Y5BTM Screensaver for Free

USA Today Hot Site on January 6, 1999

And you thought the Y2K problem was going 
to be serious!

The Sun has been active for approximately 4.6 billion years.  However, it only  has enough fuel to go on for another five billion years (Y5B). At the end of its life, the Sun will start to fuse helium into heavier elements and begin to swell up, ultimately growing so large that it will engulf the Earth. Life on earth will change as we know it.  First we will have mildly warmer temperatures, then a heat wave will be with us, and finally it will get cold....real cold. Thus, the Year Five Billion will be here.   Will we be prepared for the billionennium(tm) bug ? will try to help.

Don't Panic - Keep Your Cool
We still have time!

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Articles about how to prepare for the Year 5 Billion Bug including....

The Y5B What's Hot - What's Not list!

Why the government conspiracy wanted you to focus on Y2K not Y5B?  Was Y2K just a test for Y5B?

How to be financially prepared and Unfreeze your Assets in the Year 5 Billion.

How to cook your books in the Year 5 Billion?

How to Dress for Success in the Year 5 Billion?  Should you layer your clothes for maximum protection?

Will bribery be a new Olympic event?

Will Old Stock Certificates from still be a terrific Collectible?

What about Ski Resorts in Hawaii?   Will the surf break or crack?

How will the Y5B bug impact the stock market in  4999999999?

Check out auction values on your old sunglasses at

Will Cold Fusion be Hot?

Will computer chips be able to go beyond 10 digits?

How to deal with post sun-partum depression?

Will eggs be cooked sunny side down?

Will the Dow break 15000000000000?

Should go public? What about

Will Sun Computers change their name?

Will there be a champagne shortage?

Will the Fed lower interest rates to stimulate the economy? Will Greenspam be around to help?

What to tell your kids when the sun doesn't come up in the Morning?

Should you buy your wood burning stove before or after Y2K?

How to install Windows 5000000000?

Will Y5B make you SICK.COM?

Will people still think Pat Buchanan is a ????

and much more......

Y5B branded Products are coming including:

  • Y5B Clothing Line (with full protection)

  • Mouse pads (temperature resistant)

  • Heaters (Guaranteed not to melt)

  • Coffee Mugs (Keeps your coffee warm)

  • Flash Lights (Not Solar Powered)

  • Watches (You know when it's time)

  • and more.....

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